Aarush Gupta

Aarush Gupta

Student + Developer + Entrepreneur

I am currently a full time student.

I am in search of a developer position in the near future. I have some experience with web development. I hope to show my skills here and on my github repo.

Work Experience

TA for Data Structure's and Algorithm

Penn State Univercity

Summer 2018

Helped students understand core algorithms. Understand Big O notation.

API Developer CoOp


Spring 2017

Worked on developing an API to be used in the FedEx warehouse by the employees. This project made it easier for FedEx emplyees login to the terminal to get a task.

STEMM Camp Instructor

Western Pennsylvania Summer STEMM Academy

Summer 2017

Taught students about robotic programming.


Pennsylvania State University

Class of 2018

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI)

The Computer Science major provides comprehensive preparation in the areas of algorithm design and analysis, systems programming, programming languages, and software engineering and design. Elective courses provide deeper coverage of these areas, as well as background in diverse areas such as artificial intelligence, database design, compiler construction, and computer network and security. The program is strong in mathematical and statistical components, and students should expect to develop a solid background in the mathematical sciences, to master skills in computer science, and most importantly to become good problem solvers. Through this program students are prepared to work as computer scientists in engineering, scientific, industrial, and business environments. While most students will enter the job market directly upon graduation, graduate school in computer science or related areas is also an option. Selection of electives can be tailored for students pursuing this path.

This ENTI program brings together faculty with real-world business start-up experience and those students who are seeking entrepreneurial experiences in a technology based strategic direction. This cluster is designed for any undergraduate student interested in being a product innovation leader in an existing or new technology-focused company. This cource cluster provides unique "cross-skills" courses for students to thrive in multi-disciplinary teams–the ones seen in industry and encourages individual start-up technology based companies. These courses support development of consumer-based products and business-to-business products.

Coding Skills